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Working Together

Dr. Joanne Brueton: 10h – 11h and 14h – 15h on Wednesdays (office) 

Dr. Davide Gallo Lassere: Tuesday 13h-15h (office)

Dr. Geoffrey Roger: Monday, 14h30-16h30 (office) 

Dr. Louise Lyle: Monday 15-16 on-site Wednesday 14-15 on-line (office)

Dr. Eda Ayaydin: 10h-12h Thursday (room 304) 

Dr. Marie Duboc: 15-16 Thursday (room 304) 

Dr. Shela Sheikh: Wed 14h-15h and Thursday 16h-17h (room 304) 

Dr. Lisa Darmon: Thursday 12h30-13h30 (need to check room number)

Dr. Giovanni Menegalle: Monday, 14h00-15h00, Wednesday, 15h00-16h00 (room 304) 

Dr. Charlotte Legg: 14h-15H Monday and 12h-13hWednesday (office) 

Dr. Edouard Morena: Thursday: 11h-12h and 15h-16h(office) 

Dr. Eugene Brennan Tuesdays, 15h30 - 17h30(office) 

Prof. Anna-Louise Milne Monday 12-13h and Thursday 16-17h (office) 

Dr. Jackqueline Frost: Thursday 5-6 (room 101) 

Staff Office Hours: Clients
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