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Immojeune is an online agency that focuses on student accommodation. Any current or prospective student (you must have received your offer) will have access to the platform. It’s a great way of finding apartments that are suited for a student budget and it’s super easy to use. If you have any questions about Immojeune, please contact Student Services.

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ULIP has a partnership with a halls of residence based in the 12th arrondissement (Métro: Daumesnil). For around 800 euros a month, you can rent out a studio apartment in a student building. You’ll be able to mix with both ULIP, French and International students.
Pros: Only 30 minutes from ULIP on line 8, guaranteed to be living in the same building as other ULIP students, safe area, rent is paid in pounds.
Cons: Not the most central location, 800 euros is towards the higher end of student rent prices

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Apartment Building

Chambre de bonne

Chambre de Bonnes are a type of studio apartment that doesn’t really exist in the UK. They are rooms that used to be used by the maids in middle to upper class houses or apartment buildings. They are usually located in the roof of the building (often the 7th floor) and are only accessible via a staircase. They tend to be around 11m2, with a kitchen and single bed. If you’re lucky, you’ll have your bathroom in a separate room but more often than not, your shower and toilet will be in the same room or shared among the other people on your floor. 
Pros: relatively inexpensive, lots of privacy, plenty of CdBs close to uni. 
Cons: small, sometimes lonely.

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Feeding the Toddler

Au pair world

This is bascally an exchange; you will look after parisian chldren after school, in exchange for accomadation and spending money. 

It has got to be said, Au pairing isn't for everyone, but if you like kids and are used to a busy household, it could be just for you. There are both live in and live out au pairs, depending on what you find. It is defo worth checking out. click here to find out more

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Other useful links -  English magazine for expat community. Lots of housing offers online -  French apartment listings. New flats posted everyday, but often with big agency fees -  Online apartment listings -  Online apartment listings - A flatshare/flatmate finder - A student accommodation website. ULIP have set up a partnership with this student agency. All current and prospective students will receive a password giving them access to the private platform.

ULIP Accommodation Guide: The Student Services Team at ULIP put together this document on finding accommodation in Paris. Every year the team work to ensure that all prospective students have accommodation - so they definitely know what they’re talking about.

AirBnB: every now and again, ULIP students are able to find accommodation on AirBnB long stay. It may be expensive but you never know what you might find. 

Le Bon Coin: a lot of Parisian landlords will advertise their apartments on LeBonCoin. It’s very very popular and some apartments may be scams, but if you keep your wits about you and move fast, you could find somewhere really nice. 

Paris Accommodation Facebook group: A Facebook group in which people advertise their available apartments. Just like LeBonCoin, it’s worth being vigilant but, again, you might be able to find something great.

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