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Find out what you can use your card for in France.


This is a card issued by your state social security system if you’re a resident of the EU, EEA or Switzerland. In order to obtain one, you should contact your national health insurance institution which is usually responsible for covering the cost of your treatment. On how to use the card when seeking medical care in France (but also anywhere else in the EEA and Switzerland), feel free to consult this page of the official website of the European Commission: How to use the card in France


This is the card which replaced the EHIC after Brexit for British nationals and residents. It offers you the same protection as the EHIC card in the EU & Switzerland but it’s not valid in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. You can apply for one on the NHS website: Get healthcare cover for travelling abroad - NHSBSA.


  1. As suggested on the official website of the European Commission, if one intends to stay (in this case) in France for an extended time, it is useful to register with an S1 form instead. 

  2. The eligibility conditions may vary depending on the issuing country.

EHIC & GHIC Cards: Activities
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