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President: Eddie Plaskitt

Vice President: Emily McDowell

Secretary: Izzy Book 

Education Officer: Bea Townsend 

Treasurer: Alexander Tucker

Diversity & Inclusion: Chisom Igwilo & Saffron Pal

Welfare: Aleksandra Piekarniak & Anna Best

Events & Societies: Liv Shaw & Frank Mansell 


  • Improved student attendance and participation at events 

  • Enhanced student/SU communication channels - in particular setting up the new website with Wix

  • Launched the 'écoutons' podcast 

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President: Anshima Varma
Vice President: Jessica Martin 
Events and Societies: Josie Challis and Jack Clare
Welfare: Anna Doyle and Genevieve Williams 
Diversity & Inclusion: Linnea Batey 
Secretary: Aysha Hafayed 
Treasurer: Toby Hollins
Education: Eddie Plaskitt


  • Relaunched events post covid, with the first freshers ball since 2019

  • Prepared the SU and constitution for future expansion

  • Introduced a second Diversity & Inclusion Officer

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President: India Peart-Barr
Vice President: Clara Dunster
Events & Societies: Aysha Hafayed and Freya Kershaw
Welfare: Ellie Kerr
Secretary: Emily Forster
Treasurer: Phoebe Blythin
Education Officer: Bevin Anandarajah


  • Co-founding the Hidden People Discussion Group and elevating the Diversity & Inclusion Officer role to the SU Executive Committee  

  • Introducing the Vice Student Welfare Officer role

  • Successfully leading an incredible ULIPSU team, even from across the English Channel

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President: Eleanor Pearson
Vice President: Chloe Limitsios
Events & Societies: India Peart-Barr and Phoebe Blythin
Welfare: Abby Doherty
Secretary: Heather Wright
Treasurer: Geraint Davies


  • Introduced diversity committee

  • Introduced climate comittee (with Édouard)

  • New SU meeting structure (themes)

  • New SU instagrams created

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President: Kameni Chaddha
Vice President: Charles Wade
Events & Societies: Edward Walker and Maddie Young
Welfare: Eleanor Pearson
Secretary: Catherine Doubell
Treasurer: Luke Sexton


  • Introduced diversity officer and education officer

  • Welfare officer led a ÇA SUFFIT campaign

  • Mentoring with British Council

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President: Ellie Clutton
Vice President: Jack Kelly
Events & Societies: Laura Kennedy and Lucy Branch
Welfare: Lois Bellamy
Secretary: Kasia Leśniewska
Treasurer: Naomi Dannatt


  • Bought our first SU macbook!

  • Earned around 30,000 euros from events

  • ​Split the SU Exec and Student Council

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President: Alexandra Greenway
Vice President: Callum Rye
Events & Societies: Georgia Hawley and Sufiyah Hashmi 
Welfare: Emily Wade
Secretary: Ella Rickard
Treasurer: Abigail Wynters  

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President: Ross Molden
Vice President: Alice Matthews
Events & Societies: Grace Robson and Charlotte Yardley 
Welfare: Chika Alichukwu
Secretary: Claire Waterworth
Treasurer: Tasha Holcroft 

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President: Hannah Cartwright
Vice President: Cameron McColl
Events & Societies: Kristina Rees & Pippa Heron
Welfare: Niamh Hickey
Secretary: Annie Renn
Treasurer: Rosie Scott

Hall of fame: Welcome


President: Ben Wright
Vice President: Calum Paramor
Events & Societies: Nick Kent
Welfare: Niamh Hickey
Secretary: Katie O'Dowdall
Treasurer: Joe Thompson

Hall of fame: Welcome


President: Joe Lennard
Vice President: George Bagguley
Events & Societies: John Helm
Welfare: Sophie Lawrence
Secretary: Linh-Chi Nguyen
Treasurer: Agnieszka Konieczny

Hall of fame: Welcome


President: Alys Collins
Vice President: Lydia McMillan
Events & Societies: Michaela Neame
Welfare: Sophie Elliott
Secretary: Tish Odgers
Treasurer: Alex McKenna

Hall of fame: Welcome


President: Miles Dension
Vice President: N/A
Events & Societies: Rhys Jervis
Welfare: Eleanor Currie
Secretary: Lois Turner
Treasurer: Fiona Mannion

Hall of fame: Welcome
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