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About our uni

The University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP) aims to promote the study of the culture, language and literature of Paris and France.

The Institute was incorporated into the University of London in 1969 and sits alongside the School of Advanced Study as a Central Institute of the University. It is currently repositioning itself as a centre for international level research, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in French Studies. In this regard it is working closely with Royal Holloway and Queen Mary, University of London who are members of a Consortium established with the Central University in 2004 in order to create mutual benefit in a number of areas of academic and support activity.

For more information, please visit the official ULIP website 

About ulip: About


Our Union facilities aren't limited to Paris. ULIP is part of the University of London, so despite the distance, we have access to many of the centralised University of London activities. It is therefore worth having your voice heard when it comes to voting in the University of London Students' Union and making use of resources (particularly the Careers Service and the cheap bar) in London, if you get the opportunity.  

If you don't ask, you won't get. ULIP, like universities the world over, is a dense concentration of talented people but, unlike most universities, we're small enough that we have a much more direct line of contact with our lecturers. Take advantage of this, talk to them if there's something you're struggling with. What's more, we've got a lot of resources at our disposition (we have access to things in Paris beyond the uni too). In sum, don't suffer in silence, take advantage of the resources that are there.

About ulip: About
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