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Although we are a small organisation, our Students’ Union has always been incredibly active in the lives of students, past, present and future.

Once you enrol at the university, you automatically have membership to the SU for the duration of your degree. This membership gives you the right to attend Student Union-led events and to both vote and participate in elections for representatives to sit on the Executive Committee and Student Council.

Being such a small institution, the Students' Union seeks to encourage and exude a strong sense of community. This comes partly from the team's dedication to improving the student experience, working hard on all areas from events to welfare to academic support. But, more importantly, our sense of closeness comes from the willing participation of our students and the relationships they build with the SU throughout their stay at ULIP.

We firmly believe that we can best represent you because of our:

  • Open and direct communication

  • Education-led principles

  • Focus on student mental health

  • Commitment to transparency

On this website you can find important information about a range of topics ranging from how to maintain your mental/physical/sexual health as a student, where to go when you need accommodation, who to approach if an issue arises during your studies and why ULIP is such a rewarding place to study!

Whatever you need help with, we are here. Head to meet the team to find out more or get in touch. 

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